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Growth-focussed marketing consulting

Building and implementing impactful marketing solutions starts with a complete understanding of a brand and its purpose, challenges, competitive set, and future vision. I consult on projects ranging from brand and sponsorship strategy, email and content marketing, to stakeholder sell-in and new business development practices.

By working on a project basis, your organization can utilize my knowledge, leadership qualities, and valuable insights to impact key KPIs and marketing objectives. It also means successfully meeting your company's growth needs without the training, commitment, and expense of a permanent hire.

A successful partnership is built on trust. Acting as an extension of your marketing team and a collaborator with agency partners, I spearhead initiatives that balance cost and resource efficiencies. By understanding each client’s unique needs, I can identify business and marketing growth areas, improve business relationships, and strengthen brand and business propositions to help client's stand out and evolve their business.

Agency search, new business pitching, and partner optimization

Creating and sustaining strong agency-client relationships requires ongoing nurturing, open communication, and transparency right from the start. When brands are looking to reevaluate their agency relationships and agencies are looking to maintain and build new ones, my comprehensive discovery process for both sides helps set a clear picture of the opportunities and challenges to ensure the matchmaking exercise has staying power.

Building out a successful team involves deciding what communication partners are most suitable from the Canadian agency landscape. If a brand wants to re-evaluate its agency model, move to an in-house or hybrid model, or form new strategic partnerships, I help steward the process in determining if an RFP is necessary, running a search if deemed required, as well as managing the transition and onboarding process.  There is also value in stepping back to determine if a multi-agency model is still the best fit, or if the company would benefit from consolidation.

I’ve had widespread success helping agencies improve their new business win rate and evaluate their unique selling propositions (USPs) against competitors. To date, I’ve led and consulted on several pitches that have resulted in six and seven-figure new business wins.

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Marketing Company
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Professional relationship management

The best agency-brand relationships have no lines: the agency functions as an extension of the marketing team, and the marketing team involves the agency in business planning discussions from the onset. This has proven to be what drives relationship success. As a modern-day matchmaker and relationship coach, I help build and nurture these relationships for long-term profitability.

When partnering together, brands and agencies require capable systems and vigilant management to be successful. Utilizing my client-side and industry experience, I help establish and convey goals and expectations to each party.  Sometimes relationship counselling is all that's required to improve a client/agency relationship challenge rather than a new agency search initiative.  

For large organizations that operate a multi-marketing agency model, clear direction helps avoid rework and ensures different business areas aren’t asking agencies for similar work.  With the right counsel, a multi-agency model can foster collaboration that yields incredible results, rather than a butting heads environment that breeds competition between agencies on a client's business.

When transitioning scope from one agency to another, my role is to ensure the continuation of service during the change. I complete detailed transition planning to ensure project delivery stays on time, roles are clear and defined, and budget expectations are realistic.


Client testimonials

We had the opportunity to collaborate with Kerry as a consultant during a rigorous RFP process.  Given her strong expertise in the automotive space, she was able to pinpoint important details and anticipate sensitivities, successfully covering our blind spots. Her sharp eye and holistic counsel greatly contributed to our success.

Not only did she add her magic to our win of the business, but many of her thoughtful insights will positively impact our future work. Whether it’s how we dive deeper into our ideas, present concepts, or differentiate our agency, Kerry’s key learnings will inform our processes and projects to come."

- Vicky Boudreau, CEO & Founding Partner, bicom

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