Strategic marketing solutions for resource strapped organizations.

3 guiding principles underpin everything we do at k.i.f.:



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Strategic marketing solutions for resource strapped organizations.

Strategic marketing solutions for resource strapped organizations

3 guiding principles underpin everything we do at k.i.f.:



We bring strategic Marketing solutions to resource strapped organizations.

Where relationship advice and Marketing counsel collide. 

We operate as an extension of your Marketing team, which means we aren't a full time headcount.  We get to date seriously without the marriage commitment.

You can also consider us your Marketing relationship therapists.  We help Marketers strengthen their relationships with agency partners and cross departmentally, and we help agencies strengthen their client and inter-agency relationships.

We specialize in Marketing project leadership, brand & agency relationship management, agency search, and marketing strategy.

3 guiding principles underpin everything we do at kif:


20+ years of corporate marketing experience



work rooted in collaboration to drive results
strengthening relationships internally & among partners

About our Chief Impact Creator

A visionary and collaborative marketing leader and solopreneur, Kerry Fleiser spent two decades helping to shape the marketing strategies for some of the world’s most beloved brands. After working for major brands such as Nike, BMW and RBC, she created her own marketing consulting company; kif marketing solutions inc. 

Working in premium automotive, retail, financial services and media, Kerry has become proficient in the processes, objectives, and marketing challenges facing companies across a broad range of verticals. This has provided her with a unique perspective to help steward initiatives throughout an organization. 

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Organizations today are even more resource strapped than before.  Whether it be expanding portfolios with shrinking teams or increasing budget pressures, as a seasoned Marketing professional I bring modern marketing solutions without the headcount commitment.  

I help clients in the areas of: marketing & sponsorship strategy, brand positioning, content creation, annual marketing & resource planning, stakeholder sell-in, celebrity & MSA contract negotiation, and business development consultation.


For brands: Industry-leading approach to the agency search process, which begins with a comprehensive discovery process prior to project launch.  


For agencies: Client-side expertise and consultation to help improve new business win-rate and expand scope with existing clients. 



I operate as a neutral third party helping to improve relationships between brands and their agency partners before making a decision to end the relationship and enter an RFP.

Most large organizations operate a multi-marketing-agency model, but struggle to effectively manage the dynamics of a large agency partner team.  I work as a mediator to serve both the brand's desire for seamless ideation and collaboration as well as the agencies' needs to equally contribute to the client's success.


Areas of expertise